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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Review: The Best Android Phone Yet

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Review

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs iPhone 14 pro

Samsung has released its latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S23 Ultra. As an expert in the tech industry, I have been using this device for a month and can confidently say that Samsung has improved on many of the features that were lacking in last year's S22 Ultra. In this article, I will provide a detailed review of the S23 Ultra, including its battery life, display quality, audio capabilities, build quality, and performance. The Best Android Phone Yet.

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The Best Android Phone Yet
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
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Battery Life Improvement in Samsung S23 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Review

The first thing that Samsung improved greatly in this phone is its battery life. When it comes to flagships, iPhones always have the best backup, but with the S23 Ultra, I am getting even better results on heavy usage with mobile data turned on all the time. I am constantly getting seven to eight hours of screen time, which reflects a full day's use with around 10 to 15 percent battery left before I go to sleep. The overnight or idle battery drain is also minimal, making the battery life experience fantastic. The 45-watt charger can fill up the S23 Ultra faster than the iPhone or Pixel, reaching 70% in just 30 minutes and a full charge in an hour. There are several reasons for this improvement, such as the new Snapdragon a Gen 2 chip and better software optimization, but the main reason is that Samsung is using a more energy-efficient display panel this time around that consumes less power at higher brightness levels.

Display Quality of Samsung S23 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Review

The S23 Ultra's display quality is another aspect that has always impressed me about Samsung's flagships, and the S23 Ultra continues to do so. It's still an 8-bit panel with 1750 nits of peak brightness and a 240Hz sampling rate, which doesn't sound impressive considering what Chinese brands are offering these days, but it is the best display you can find on a smartphone right now, even better than the iPhone 14 Pro. Maybe the iPhone 14 Pro gets slightly brighter when using the phone in direct sunlight, but when it comes to watching videos on Netflix or vertical videos on TikTok, I find the experience on the S23 Ultra to be better.

Audio Quality of Samsung S23 Ultra

The S23 Ultra has Dolby Atmos audio support, and the way Samsung has tuned its audio here is quite different from what you get on the iPhone. For example, the S23 Ultra has a spacious sound output and noticeably richer bass, whereas the iPhone 14 Pro lets you enjoy the mids and high frequencies much better.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs. iPhone 14 Pro: Camera Comparison and Analysis

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs iPhone 14 Pro

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and S22 Ultra are two of the most impressive camera phones in the market today. While they share similar color science and dynamic range, the S23 Ultra's 200 megapixel sensor allows it to capture better details, less noise, and sharper images, both in daytime and low light conditions. It also performs better with selfies, ultra-wide-angle, 3x and 10x shots, and maintains better highlights in images with a lot of whites.

Compared to last year's S22 Ultra, the differences may not be immediately noticeable unless one is nitpicking. However, Samsung's track record of improving its cameras with future updates is a good indication that the S23 Ultra's camera will only get better with time.

In comparison to the iPhone 14 Pro, the S23 Ultra is neck-and-neck in most scenarios, with the iPhone winning in some instances due to personal preference for contrast and warm temperature. However, the S23 Ultra consistently delivers brighter, more pleasant shots, especially in low light and indoor portraits.

While the S23 Ultra's camera is outstanding, it still lags slightly behind the iPhone in videography. The iPhone excels in stabilization, noise reduction, and exposure management, and its selfie video captures a wider field of view. Samsung's engineers still have room for improvement in this area. Additionally, the shutter lag could be improved, although the camera assistant app does help alleviate this issue.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the S23 Ultra's camera matches the iPhone 14 Pro Max in every aspect and outperforms it in certain areas such as photos and zoom shots. With its true 8K 30fps recording, improved field of view and stabilization, the S23 Ultra is a force to be reckoned with in the camera phone market.

As an iPhone user for the past few years, the S23 Ultra has impressed with its excellent battery life, great cameras, reliable experience, and years of updates. For those in the market for a new camera phone, the S23 Ultra is definitely worth considering as a serious contender against the iPhone.

Build Quality and Ergonomics of Samsung S23 Ultra

The haptics on the S23 Ultra are great, and the touch responsiveness is fantastic. However, Samsung could have done a better job with the buttons; they don't feel that premium, and the feedback is not the most satisfying. The build quality of this phone is rock solid, with the latest Gorilla Glass Victus 2 on both the back and front of the phone alongside the armored aluminum frames. Although this is a pretty huge phone, the weight distribution here is right on point, making it easy to use. With smartphone makers opting for bigger and bigger camera sensors, it's quite difficult to achieve this level of ergonomics.

Performance of Samsung S23 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Review

Performance has traditionally been an area where iPhones excel over Android phones, but Samsung has improved this aspect as well. The S23 Ultra has a new Snapdragon a Gen 2 chip and better software optimization, which makes it perform exceptionally well. It's fast, smooth, and handles everything I throw at it with ease.


In conclusion, Samsung has done a great job with the S23 Ultra, and it is the best Android phone out there. It's a great phone with fantastic battery life, the best display on a smartphone, Dolby Atmos audio support, great haptics and touch responsiveness, rock-solid build quality, and exceptional performance. The Best Android Phone Yet

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