Experience a Cool Summer with Bajaj DMH 90 Neo Desert Cooler : Review Best Product | Review | Info

Experience a Cool Summer with Bajaj DMH 90 Neo Desert Cooler : Review

Bajaj DMH 90 Neo Desert Cooler : Review

The budget desert cooler for your summer needs: Checkout Bajaj DMH 90 Neo

Bajaj DMH 90 Neo Review

Summer is fast approaching, and with it comes the dreaded heatwaves that can make life unbearable. In India, summer hits different parts of the country at different times, and it can be very harsh. Temperatures exceeding 50-degree Celsius are not uncommon, and they can take a toll on your physical health. However, you can control the temperature indoors by using a desert cooler, and the Bajaj DMH 90 Neo is an excellent choice for beating the heat this summer. Let's take a closer look at this powerful desert cooler and see why you should consider bringing it home.

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Bajaj DMH 90 Neo Basic Features

When it comes to desert coolers, the water tank capacity is crucial for ensuring all-night cooling. The Bajaj DMH 90 Neo comes with a 90-litre tank capacity, which is enough to deliver cold air constantly for 6-7 hours. The airflow range is 90 feet, ensuring that every corner of the room receives cool air. With a peak air flow of 5600CMH, this desert cooler can cool down any room fast and keep it cool for long.

The Bajaj DMH 90 also comes with an ice chamber, which allows you to store ice and ensure the presence of cool water in the tank. This feature increases the cooling effect, making it unnecessary to refill the cooler in the middle of the night. During summer months, the water in our taps also gets heated, but putting ice cubes in the cooler can instantly start spreading cool air in the room.

You can regulate the level of cooling by adjusting the airflow with the 3-speed controls, according to your preference and the number of people in a room. This feature enables you to play around with the controls when you have more people in one room and require more cooling than usual.

Bajaj DMH 90 Neo Special Features

DuraMarine pumpThe pump is the most essential component in a cooler, and the Bajaj DMH 90 comes with a DuraMarine pump that has higher insulation to protect it from catching any moisture. This elongates the life span of the pump, allowing the desert cooler to be functional for more years. Additionally, the pump comes with a 2-year warranty.

Turbofan TechnologyThe Bajaj DMH 90 uses turbofan technology for better air circulation, but it also has antibacterial hexacool pads that keep away the development of germs and bacteria. You need to replace the pad at the start of every summer season while cleaning the cooler to ensure fresh, cool, and germ-free air.

4-way air deflectionThe desert cooler also has 4-way air deflection that spreads cool air in every corner of the room, making sure that every corner of the room receives cool air and the temperature of the room lowers.

Consumer Support

Bajaj is one of the oldest and most reputed brands in the country, and you get constant consumer support for any issues you might encounter. This is crucial because after-sale service is often neglected, and it can be a hassle if the company does not have active consumer support.


In conclusion, the Bajaj DMH 90 Neo is an extremely powerful desert cooler that can help you beat the heat this summer. Its basic and special features make it stand out from other coolers in the market. With a 90-litre tank capacity, ice chamber, 3-speed controls, DuraMarine pump, antibacterial hexacool pads, and 4-way air deflection, this cooler is perfect for any household. The constant consumer support from Bajaj ensures that you have a hassle-free experience with the product. So, bring home the Bajaj DMH 90 desert cooler this summer and experience a cool and comfortable summer.

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